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Premonstratensians - Norbertine Sisters


There were Sister Communities in Switzerland already in 1126. In the first half of the 13th century, together with the Monasteries of men there were 15 cloisters, but they did not survive the Reformation in the 14th century. The Cloister Berg Sion in St. Gallen was founded in 1766 by Joseph Helg, with the aim of Perpetual Adoration. The Cloister is on the pilgrimroad from South- Germany to Einsiedeln, which goes through Uetliburg and Gomiswald. So the cloister was open for the pilgrims. The first sisters were sent by Rev. Helg to the Paemonstartensian Cloister Schussenried (this was in Baden Württemberg). There they got to know the Norbertine life and after a short noviciate they made their vows. In spite of being under the jurisdiction of the Diocese, the Order kept its Norbertine spirituality. The Order could survive the stormy time of the French revolution thank to the Bishop of Chur and later St. Gallen. From the time of the very beginning of the Order, the convent had a prayer-group with the people living outside of the cloister, they call it a 3 times boundage, because they are closing into their prayers during the day quite often the living, the ded and people who are just in their dying bed. The community was acknowledged by the General Chapter in 1897 and in those days it was put under the supervision of the Abbot of Tepl. Today the community is under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of St. Gallen. Inspite of this work the sisters have been adoring in front of the Eucharist daily 24 hours and they are of course praying the office as well.

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