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Premonstratensians - Norbertine Sisters


The life of the Congregation of Premonstratensian Sisters, founded in 1902 by Reverend Adalbert Frejka, O.Praem from Strahov canonry (Prague) is today, after Communism failed in 1989, flourishing in two provinces: the Bohemian - Moravian Province, with the Motherhouse in Holy Hill near Olomouc, and the Slovak Province, with the Motherhouse in Vrbove. The office of the government of Congregation is in Slovakia in Trnava. In November 2006 a General Chapter of Congregation was held, and a new governing body established. The Superior General is now M.Hermana Lalikova there are five members of Council. In the same year chapters were held in both Provinces. The Congregation also has a new Assistant - Father Norbert Vehovsky, O.praem. from Strahov Canonry, who is competent consultant for the Congregation government. Fr. Vehovsky also attends meetings of the General Council.

The Government of the Congregation are also responsible for four Commissions:

  • Commission for the Spirituality of the Order and Congregation
  • Commission for the History of the Order and Congregation
  • Commission for Liturgy
  • Commission for work with Holy Scripture.

Also during the General Chapter the Ratio Institutionis - formation programme for our Congregation was approved. Sisters from both Provinces became familiar with this document through monthly "spiritual renewal" meeting. Ongoing formation for the Sisters in government is held twice a year with a prepared program. One sister from General Council is responsible for the Pastoral vocation work and there are teams in each Province. We are aware of the importance for our future of cooperation with the laity and had a conference for both Provincial Councils on the formation of the Laity and Sisters. For future work with young people and the laity, both Provinces are preparing and building Retreat Centres. Many people today want to stay in the Convent for a few days of spiritual renewal. The governing body of the Congregation have prepared a new edition of the Constitution. In communities of both Provinces' community life, liturgy prayer and adoration are important. Our apostolic life is in catechesis in schools and universities, in social works, in charity and in seminaries and bishops residences. Three Sisters from the Slovak Province started a mission in Volgograd Russia in September 2007. There are now 119 sisters in all the various Houses of the Provinces with an average age of 57 years. Finally a message from the General Chapter:

"In this world with its culture of longing for pleasure we want to live out our consecrated life in a radical conversion of heart. The joy discovered in our Lord, will make us able to answer for the challenges of these times and show the kindness and humanity of our Saviour Jesus Christ."

Meeting of superiors

Visit of Fr. Augustine Ullmann O praem




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