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Premonstratensians - Norbertine Sisters


The history of the Monastery
In 1243, Rodrigo Fernandez Valduerna (Count of Astorga), attracted by the faithful observance of Praemonstratensians and the great devotion that they had to the Virgin Mary, donated his Palace with all his many possessions to the Praemonstratensians. The Palace was situated in the village of Villoria de Orbigo. This happened at the time of the Abbot de Aguilar of Campoo (Palencia) and the Fathers lived here until 1511. When they left, seven Sisters from the Monastery of Toro arrived here and started community life. From that date on, the Monastery was used by the Praemonstratensian Nuns. There were times when the Monastery had many vocations and attracted many good and holy Sisters. For a long time the Monastery had consisted of forty nuns and in the 18th century there were more than sixty living at the same time. Now we are only a small community of a few Sisters and if God does not remedy it, we will have to suppress the Monastery, but we don`t give up hope. In 1665 there was a deliberate fire in this Monastery, that burnt down the complete building along with all the documentation and the artistic Romanesque style. The nuns took refuge in a Palace that they had in Astorga and there they lived until a new restoration of buildings was completed.
The work of restoration started in 1700, and was finished with the building of the church in 1774. In 1986 a part of the Monastery suffered another fire. Thanks to God we have been able to restore the necessary (main) part of the Monastery with donations from the Order, with the help of other religious houses, and good benefactors and good friends of the Community and of course with our work, as it is necessary to live with dignity.

Our community life: - In our community we try to live according to the evangelical advice and try to follow the Rule of Augustine as St. Norbert commanded it. We pray the Hours of the Liturgy and we have a Holy Mass every day. These are the main acts of our days. We sing part of the office and the part which we cannot sing, we pray.

Work in our community: - We are employed in sewing for a factory which really helps us to cover the financial needs of the community.

The sisters' convent

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